Thursday, 7 January 2010

Beautifully unique

Monday was my first day alone with two children. It went well, much better than I had expected, though it was admittingly a pretty low-key day. Jacob explored his new house while Luke snuggled in a wrap and I unpacked more boxes. So far Jacob has continued to show as much interest in Luke as he had while I was still pregnant. He hasn't been acting out or showing signs of being jealous. He's helpful and enjoys snuggling with his little brother, giving him kisses, and talking to him. It's sweet to watch, and it will be fun to watch their relationship grow.

Jacob hasn't asked to nurse, which both surprised and relieved me. I wouldn't likely have weaned him if he hadn't weaned himself over the summer when my milk supply disappeared, but I'm not necessarily disappointed that I won't be tandem nursing. A bit sad, perhaps, that he really is done, but content that he got a little over two years of the health, relationship, and comfort benefits of nursing.

Today was my first time taking both boys out by myself. Again, it went well, much to my relief. Luke had his (almost) three week appt with the midwife. He now weighs 10 lbs, up from 8 lbs 11 oz at birth, and is doing great.

It's still a bit of an odd feeling to think that I have two sons. Wow. But for two boys who look so much alike, Luke is surprisingly different than Jacob was as a newborn.

The way they nurse is different. Luke is very much a "get down to business and when we're done, we're done" nurser, whereas Jacob would have nursed 24/7 if you let him. When Luke falls asleep, he unlatches himself, whereas Jacob stubbornly stayed latched on and woke up and cried as soon as I unlatched him. Jacob would not be fooled by a finger in place of a nipple, whereas Luke gets downright angry if milk continues to flow after he's done nursing, and he happily accepts a pinky in place of it.

The way they sleep is different. Luke sleeps for hours at a time, whereas Jacob was a catnapper by day (but a solid sleeper at night, for the first three months).

The way they travel is different. Jacob was usually content in the carseat, whereas Luke will either sleep or scream, no other options. Today I purchased a soother for Luke, which Jacob never had, to be used in the car only. A pinky will settle Luke in the car, but since I can't be both pacifier and driver in the car, we'll give the soother a shot.

But they're not entirely different - they're both absolutely gorgeous, snuggly, sweet little things that smell like Heaven. I love the sweetness of my newborn as much as I love my wild and curious two year old boy. I'm looking forward to watching Luke's personality develop as he grows. Will he always be the "get down to business" guy that he's been so far, with his birth, his nursing, his sleep?

Ah, but the most fascinating thing about this little guy? The way he miraculously produces more than his weight in laundry every. single. day. Surely it defies some law of physics.

It's a good thing he's so cute.


  1. It sounds like it's going well. It's always interesting to see the differences between siblings. They both sound so sweet :)

  2. It's so neat to hear you describe them both!! Daniel was the type that would unlatch himself and be happy,but when Aaron did nurse he wanted it in his mouth 24/7!! Daniel was a cat napper too,where Aaron sleeps long stretches! It's so crazy how they can be so different,yet come from the same 2 people! I'm glad it's going well! It was a little harder for me. Daniel was still young when we came home with Aaron and he just wasn't understanding why I had to tend to Aaron more than him. Daniel has come a long ways and really tries to help with Aaron,with the occasional assault lol He just gets very excited sometimes around Aaron!